Thursday, April 3, 2014

Review Rage

{Ok so I'm going to try to do this new segment once every three months or so where I review a few things that have been 'all the rage' lately. It can range from being a popular movie or a book to being new makeup product or a food item. Yeah. Let me know what you all think!}

1. Divergent
Ok so first off obviously I have to talk about Divergent. Duh.

Ok if you haven't seen the movie: a. what is wrong with you, and b. you may not want to read this.
It will contain spoilers. 
I'm going to go ahead and tell you all that I despised the movie. I did not like it. At all. Mainly because I've read the book twice [and loved it both times] but it strayed soooo far from the book. They added some insane things that never happened ever. Jeanine never got stabbed in the hand in the book. She originally wasn't even in that scene. They also changed the way her mother died. She was supposed to die fearlessly, not cowering in her daughters arms. Also they left important characters and events out! Like Uriah and Edward weren't even in there! Edward was supposed to be stabbed in the eye with a butter knife for crying out loud. It's an important event!!! And it didn't happen! And at the end of the movie, they never ended up with the hard dive. That's super important for the next movie. Like come on! Ugh. But I thought the casting was ok. Tris was supposed to be short and Christina was supposed to be tall. They were both the opposite. But if you haven't read the book [which I highly suggest doing so] then you'll probably enjoy the movie more, considering you won't have unnecessarily high hopes.

2. God's Not Dead
God's Not Dead

Ok so first off wow. This movie was wow. Soooo uplifting and eye opening and I loved it in every way possible. I teared up so many times just sitting there watching the movie. It was insane. My only complaint would be that some of the acting was kinda..not terrible..but iffy. Some of the actors didn't do the best job, but it was still amazing. But otherwise, the message and point got across beautifully! I really really enjoyed this movie. It opened my eyes in ways I never thought were imaginable. I feel so much closer to God, and I've found a new strength of faith in my life. I love it. I suggest everyone watch this movie at some point in you life, whether now or twenty yeas from now, please watch it.

3. Looking For Alaska
This book was so hyped up. I don't get it.
john green

Overall, this book was not what I thought it was going to be. I was definitely disappointed. Not in the writing, because John Green has one of the best writing styles out there in my opinion, but in the plot. I wasn't a fan with how everything turned out. Don't get me wrong I liked the book, but I definitely wouldn't add it to my favorites list anytime soon. I don't know. I think it's one of those that's either a hit or a miss. Sadly, it was a miss for me. Which was so depressing because I wanted to like this book so bad. Oh well, maybe you all will connect with it in a way that I didn't. 

Well that's all, folks! Let me know if you guys enjoy posts like this one. I'll be sure to do more like it!
OH and let me know if any of you saw either of the two movies or read the book that I listed above! I'd love to hear your opinions on them!

xoxo, katie

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