Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Let's Catch Up!

Yo yo yo
I didn't post last week, and I'm so mad at myself for it.
I had absolutely no idea what to post. Like whatsoever.
[If you guys like certain types of posts, let me know! I get stuck and never know what to write about. So again, if you have any ideas at all just tweet me or comment below!]

Anyway, this post is just me updating you guys on life and what to expect from me in the near future.

You guys!! I get my braces off May 20th! I'm soo beyond excited. I've had them on since June of 2012 (right before I went to the One Direction concert. Yeah. That is cause for a memorable year.) But I went in for my appointment last Tuesday and they were like "Ok, another four weeks in your braces and then you'll get them off!" I at this time was ecstatic! So excited. Well I get up to the desk to schedule the next appointment and they're like "May 20th at 1:15." I was like but wait that's two weeks longer than I'm supposed to have them on. .and they're like "yeah this is the first opening we have" So I have to have these torture contraptions in my face for an extra two weeks. Ugh. But I'm so ready! I get them off exactly three days before school ends!

which leads me to my next topic. .

End of sophomore year?!
As of May 23rd I'm no longer a sophomore. That's insane. I'm going to be a junior next year. Woah, I'm getting old. I am so ready for sophomore year to end. It's been an irrelevant, dumb, pointless year and I'm so done with it. I just have to get through all of these upcoming projects and tests first. 
If I get completely off of my posting schedule within these next couple of months--well until the end of May--I am so sorry. I've got to put all of my energy into passing these classes so I don't have to take them again. Because I hate them all. Yeah. Just a warning. If that does happen though, I'll make it up to you all eventually (◕‿◕✿)  Yesterday I signed up for all of my junior year classes. It's going to be a hard year, I can already tell you that. But for my three elective classes I'm taking Digital Arts & Design II, Psychology DE, and Speech DE. Speech and Psychology are both Dual Enrollment classes (meaning that they're college courses that count as both a high school credit and a college credit.) And then I'm also taking all of the honors classes that I possibly can. Ugh. Why do I do this to myself?

Shopping Spree?!
I've gotten so many dresses lately. I hope to post pictures soon, because they are all so cute! Two of them came from JCPenny, one from Old Navy, one from Kohls, and one from Ross. I also went to Urban Outfitters a few weeks ago and got the cutest oversized cream-colored cardigan, a purple zodiac long-sleeved shirt [that I love so much. Check my Instagram for pics], a striped long-sleeved blue/green v-neck shirt (so so so soft), and an eye printed wallet. All on sale. Yeah, the sale was amazing. 

What can you expect?
  • Hauls
  • Music Manias
  • Some OOTDs (hopefully)
  • much much more

Am I the only one extremely depressed about not being at Coachella? Ugh.
Also, if you follow me on Pinterest, don't be alarmed by all of the attractive bearded men and tattoos.
It's kind of a new obsession. ◉‿◉つ 
Oh. Lohanthony's videos are my absolute favorite. If you haven't already seen them, go watch You Don't Need A Man and Responding To Your Hate. I don't think I've laughed so hard in my life.
xoxo, katie

so this was supposed to post last thursday but it didn't?

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