Saturday, December 14, 2013

Daily Instagram Stalkies

Hello!  Yes, I realize that this post is two days late and I am very sorry for that.  BUT I do have good reason. It has just so happened that I have appeared to come down with an awful cold (that has lasted since last Saturday *sigh*) and I've also been working my butt of attempting to study for finals and get all of my work in. So you could say that I have been a bit tied up. But I'm getting to it now (always better late than never, am I right?)  I had this idea while doing my daily celebrity stalk one morning on my beloved Instagram. So let's jump in, shall we?

Emma Roberts










Troian Bellisario


Debby Ryan


Ariana Grande

Maia Mitchell

and there you have it, my daily 
Instagram stalkies :)

Who do you stalk daily?

xoxo, katie

 this post layout looks hideous I am so sorry.

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