more about me

  Hello, world!

 My name is Katie.
I'm a sixteen year old girl living northeast of Nashville, TN. 
I hope to move to New York to pursue my dream of fashion through the art of journalism.
I am a Christian, and I hope to set a good example wherever I go. Therefore, you will never
see anything inappropriate on this blog. Ever.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, my information is listed below.

Who am I?
 I am a shopping pro,
A music lover, 
A TV addict,
A makeup hoarder,
An iPhone abuser,
An avid concert goer,
 A hopeful journalist,
A Partial Poet,
A book enthusiast,
the list goes on and on and on. . .

Some of my interests are:
☼ books|blogging|makeup|music|netflix|journaling|concerts|poetry|rainy days|jesus|cats|fashion|makeup|pretty little liars|gossip girl


Twitter: @KatieFriedmann

xoxo, katie

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  1. Oh my gosh Katie this is is sooo cute! I followed the link on your Instagram! It's so cool and hipster-y (think I just made that a word?) -Olivia m.