Thursday, January 2, 2014

Resolution Time!

Since this is my first post of the New Year
I can get away with posting a list of my resolutions, right?
Yeah. .I'm gonna assume that's not too cliche.
So drum roll please.
*drums rolling*

2014 Resolutions

1. Show more confidence!

2. Take risks.
of any kind: fashion, makeup, everything

3. Put more into my school work.

4. Get my license!
after I get my permit. .I know I know I could have gotten it waaay back in July, but I'm just too lazy to go and actually take the test

5. Connect with and gain more readers!
*cough cough* you guys

6. Do more reading.

7. Drink more water.

8. Eat healthier.

9. Put more into my relationship with God.

10. Post every single Thursday.

11. Make this year great!


+Guys sorry about the cliche post, but I have a serious case of blogger's block. If you have any post ideas, let me know!+

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