Thursday, January 9, 2014

My First Fashion Inspiration

I wasn't always into fashion or makeup. As a kid I was actually a big fan of sport shorts from the boys section, camo, crop tops, and tennis shoes.  All things I despise now as a teenager. 
What made me rethink my bad clothing choices?
Not a what, but a who.


The first big fashion inspiration in my life was my friend Annie. I was about. .ehh. .6th or 7th grade when I met Annie. I adored her in every way. She had the cutest clothes, the best handwriting, the funniest jokes, and I thought she was the s t u f f.  I wanted to be just like her.  I figured that if I wanted to be like her in any way I would at least have to learn how to dress cute for a change.  I was tired of what clothes my mom just threw me in and I wanted to start shopping for myself. 

I stopped wearing too-big-for-me-bootcut jeans and started wearing skinny jeans.

I stopped getting my tshirts at Walmart and started getting them from Aeropostale and Hollister.

I have since moved on from those everyday tshirts to something I actually have to put thought behind to create an outfit. Nowadays I'd rather have a challenge on my hands than look exactly like every other person walking the halls at school.  I'd rather be overdressed than under dressed. 

Annie is one of the biggest fashion inspirations I've had to this day, and without her I have no idea where I would be as a person or as a blogger. .honestly I probably wouldn't even have considered having a blog, much less a blog geared toward fashion. I owe so much to Annie for reasons beyond belief. She inspired me to throw myself out there and to try new things. 
So thank you, Annie, thank you for everything.

xoxo, katie

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