Thursday, October 3, 2013

Reward cards that pay off!

 Hello! You know the line that you hear every single time you checkout at a store? The "Are you signed up for our discount/reward card?" or the "Would you like to sign up for one? You'll save *insert amount here*?" and every time you answer with "No I'm not, but maybe another day." IT'S TIME TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THESE CARDS! This post is just to show you a few of the ones I'm signed up for as well as some of the amazing rewards you get with them! So without further ado here we goo. .
(All of these reward programs are 100% free!)
1. AERewards
 I actually do not have a card for this at the moment. I had to make a new account because my old one was dysfunctional and I haven't gotten the actual card yet. You can go through the American Eagle app with this card and get discounts as well.
This card can be used for both Aerie and American Eagle to access discounts and your well earned points! You get monthly deals like 20% off a bra, or a free undie with a bra purchase.
You can also get 10% off using this discount card at times. There are numeros accounts where this card has come in handy getting me quite a bit of money off the final price! The best part? To join this rewards club is 100% free!

2. Victorias Secret
 I don't think I have a card, but I'm in some type of reward program because I get these all the time. They actually have amazing deals like a free panty with absolutely no purchase. Just walk in with the little card and walk out with free super soft underwear! There are also special birthday discounts given which is shown above. Hey $10 off sounds great to me!
3. Maurices
 This card is a crazy money saver. For every $10 you spend, you get a Take 10 punch on your card (not visibly but electronically. .yeah) and once you have 25 punches you get $10 off of your next purchase! I know I know. That sounds dreadful. You have to spend $250 bucks before you get the real price, but I'm almost certain you get other discounts along with it. .

4. Beauty Insider
  (This image is terrible. Blogger is not letting me turn it to a landscape view and it's driving me insane. I may come back and fix it later due to the lack of patience Right now.)
This reward card is Sephora's reward program. It's the best reward program yet. It's wooooah like my life. Ok so for every dollar you spend you get a point, right?  Yes, right.  These points build up quick considering Sephora is not cheap by any means. Once you reach certain amounts of points (100, 250, and 500) you can turn them in for full size amazing products. I know I'm screaming. The 500 is obviously the biggest of them all, but the 100 and 250 do not disappoint!

I hope I have inspired you all to skip off to your favorite store (or type off to your favorite shopping site) and sign yourself up for a rewards card! I know I use them to death! 
xoxo, katie  

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