Sunday, September 29, 2013

My Switch

I haven't posted in like ten years. What? Oh well here's a good one! Enjoy!

Hello! Alright guys. It is time. It's time for the switch. It's time to switch from your BB cream to foundation. Your lip balm to lipstick. Your sandals to boots. Your tropical candle to a pumpkin one. And your socks for..more socks..*cricket cricket* Anywayyy I have already gotten started on my switch and I'm going to show you all of the amazing bargains and products I have managed to find. So without further ado: My Switch.


This necklace was originally $54.
It was marked down for $19.99,
but it was on the $4.97 rack accidentally. The woman at the store gave it to us for that price on top of that it was 25% off of that!
So we got it for $3.97!


These boots were originally $50, but
they were marked down to $39
and then we had 10% off of that
because it was display! It was an amazing bargain!

I loved the gold buckles! They totally go against the silver buckle traditional motorcycle boot!

This is the product that brought me back to Sephora this weekend.The Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation is beyond perfection. It's insane. I got a sample made the last time I was there (probably a week ago) and fell in love as soon as I felt it on my skin. The coverage is flawless as well as the texture and it's just. .omg. .it's perfect. But the interesting thing about this product is the Amazonian clay. The woman introducing me to the product told me that it soaks up oil where needed and it hydrates the dry patches as well. I was a bit iffy assuming that it was just saying to get people to purchase the product, but I can now vouch for myself and I say it works! My face has been at least 60% less oily!! I used to have to blot it like every hour or so, but now I blot twice a day! And what's even better is the fact that it's waterproof! (Perfect for all you gym goers out there!)
Ok guys. I will mention that this product is a little pricey. It's alot more than I'd normally spend on makeup, but I thought it deserved a chance (which it totally does). It was a whopping $38 without tax, so if you can't afford it , Sephora does give free samples if you ask for one and I guess you could go repeatedly get samples? I don't know! But you have to try it! Another plus: there are sooo many shades!! There's literally one for every skin tone!
They also gave me a sample of Viva La Juicy La Fluerz and woooah. Let me tell you. This stuff smells heavenly.

Dollar Tree

 Wooohooo! Pumpkin scented candles!! Fall is here!!

 A few more. .
 I've had this for years, but it's the perfect fall color!
 So I totally stole this necklace from my mom..oops..
xoxo, katie

And sneak peek of my new carpet!!! It's sooo soft!

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