Thursday, October 24, 2013

DIY: Record Bowls

Hello! I have stumbled upon one of the coolest DIY projects that I've seen in my entire life. A bowl made out of a record. I had no idea those old things could bend like that! Oh wait. .they don't. .Here's how to do it:

    What you need:
  • an old record
  • an oven safe bowl
  • an oven
  • a can of some sort

* I got my records for 99 cents at Goodwill. They have soooooo many and I look through them until I find one that suits my fancy (usually one with cool album artwork for future projects OR a cool pattern on the record itself *

Step 1:
   Find a record that suits your fancy. Mine is pretty basic, but for some reason I loved the        minimalist theme of the album artwork.

Step 2:
  Grab your oven safe bowl. And o/p a cookie sheet. (I didn't find the cookie sheet very helpful, but that's my own opinion. You could use it to make sure you don't melt your record onto your bowl. .which shouldn't happen in the first place. .) Preheat your oven to 340. IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE HEATED ALL THE WAY TO START THIS PROJECT, IN FACT IT'S BETTER TO DO IT WHILE ITS HEATING UP.

Step 3:

   Place your record on top of the bowl like pictured above and place into the warm oven.

Step 4:
   In under five minutes your record will begin to warp around the edges^. Take the bowl out of the oven. Quickly take your can and place it into the center of the record (while still in the bowl). 
 Step 5:
(You can see that I got annoyed with the cookie sheet and it is no longer there.) Use your hands to bend the edges in toward the can. It may be getting stiff, if you don't like the outcome, put the record and bowl back into the oven. It will straighten itself out and start warping again. If you do like the outcome, take the can out of the center of the record, the record out of the bowl, and turn the oven off. 

Step 6:
  Next step? Take a picture of your new creation and share it on Instagramusing the hashtag: #ChicPeakDIY   

Here are both of my bowls!

    This is my. .uh. .uglier bowl in action. It holds my face wash, eye makeup remover, etc.

     xoxo, katie

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