Monday, August 19, 2013

What's Going On Here

Hello gorgeous! I am beyond mad at myself. I have not been posting like I should, but I have valid reason. I've had a test like everyday since school starting and if not that, tons of honors biology homework. It's ridiculous. Sophomore year sucks so far. Ugh. It's not even worth talking about.

Anywho, I have the next week planned out with pretty cool posts so I'm hoping to be able to put those to good use! I've got some product reviews as well as some more interesting things :) 

Ok so I live in Tennessee extremely close to Nashville, right? (The answer is yes by the way.) Wellll I have something to definitely look forward to this Saturday. Elsie and Emma from A Beautiful Mess are doing a book signing at the Urban Outfitters downtown. From 2-5. I am spazzing. Whaaaat?! I love them so much!!! They're my like top notch favorite lifestyle blog. I'm soooo excited to be going! They announced it in one of the most recent posts on their blog ( ) I would have linked this, but I am unfortunately posting this from my phone. Joy. Yay. -_- But go check that out if you live in the Tennessee/Nashville area. You'll be able to meet them, and you may even run into me! {ps. That would be the coolest thing ever.}

So if you could go, it's from 2-5 at the UO in downtown Nashville. DOOO ITTTT. They deserve your support! 

And oh. em. gee. So yesterday I was watching Stilababe09's new video and she had this extremely catchy song in the background. This song was One Direction's brand spanking new leaked song!! I'm just wondering why I wasn't able to know about this sooner..? Ugh. It's beyond perfection. You think the Best Song  Ever is good? Yeah. They may had to rename that song, because this eats it 10004392837482928 to 5. It's fab. I'll leave a link below (which will look like crap because I cannot interlink words on this phone. Ugh. ) Give it a listen. It's only like a 1:30 clip being played over and over but woooooah. Harry. Zayn. I can hear you two and BOOM. I WILL MARRY YOU ALL OMG. 

That's it for now folks!

Thanks beautiful,
Katie xx

One Direction's new song::

A Beautiful Mess's Book Signing::

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