Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ok so that just happened. .

Hello gorgeous! Alrighty I have the worst fourth block in the history of ever. Ok that was the most clever thing I've said in my entire life considering the class is actually world history. I am very proud of myself for that one. 

Ok back to my torture. I was bored to death because my friend was taking her test in the library so I was in there surrounded by complete idiots. I promise you I'm not being mean. They need to get on somewhere. Omg. Anywho, I was bored out of my mind so I got out some paper and started making a to do list (because I have an obsession with lists right? Right.) So I'm sitting there writing stuff like 
  • advanced biology homework
  • start reading new book
  • Doctor Who marathon
and then I'm like holy crap. I haven't posted in like 20 million years. So I wrote POSTS in huge block letters and came up with. .wait for it. .like 50 post ideas! Some are series, some are ones I've been promising, and some are flat out the most clever post ideas I've thought in my entire life. I was shocked. So I'm going to get on with those post ideas! I'm soooo excited to start them! I've been blogstorming for like 15 days now coming up with new material, so yes more is definitely on the way!! I am not gone!

On a downside, I have been somewhat sick since the Sunday before last, so that's no fun.

OK OK I was sitting here typing away and my dad goes "you really need to learn how to type." And I'm all like "you know what. That's how other people type. That's just not my TYPE." HOLYCRAP I'M ON A ROLE TODAY. WHAT?!

But yes the reason I have been lacking on my posting schedule (again) is because I've been sick for like ever now. I've also figured out that sophomore year comes with alot of stress and even more work. :( But it will get better. I'm looking up :)

Thanks beautiful,
Katie xx

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