Saturday, August 31, 2013

VMA Fashion Review

Hello! Ok so I'm sure you all know that the VMAs recently went down. No, I did not watch them, but I was curious about what fashion statements were made. So without further ado, the VMAs everybody.

< I'm sorry, but the dress shown on your left made me literally cringe. All I could think of was Iron Man. I'm sorry, but this dress is not ok in my opinion. I'm not feeling it.

Introducing the new Iron Woman, Sarah Hyland, everybody.


Taylor is stunning. Omg. 


Ew. What Are You Wearing

This is just gross.

I'm Not Sure How I Feel. .
 I have mixed feelings for this one. .
from one aspect she looks hot, but from another. .
she looks like a 5 year old. .soo. . 

xoxo, Katie 

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