Friday, August 23, 2013

I Challenge You. .

Hello gorgeous! I challenge you all to a..a..a challenge. .yeah..a challenge. What kind of challenge you might ask? An Instagram challenge of course! I have worked my little brain to pieces coming up with somewhat creative hashtags. It's going to go down every day for at least 2 weeks. (The hashtag ideas will change every 2 weeks so keep posted by checking every Sunday for the next week's hashtags!) and on each Sunday I will choose my favorite image from each of those hashtagged days and make a big post containing my favorites and attaching your Instagram account to the post! Whaaat?! Cool right? Yeah! I'm excited! Ok and here is the moment you've all been waiting for:::

The Daily Hashtags For The Next Week:
Sunday: #SunniesSunday 
Show off your best sunglasses this Sunnies Sunday
Monday: #NoMakeupMonday
Go natural for No Makeup Monday (NO FILTER THAT'S CHEATING!)
Tuesday: #TastyTuesday
Show off some good mood food with Tasty Tuesday
Wednesday: #WanderlustWednesday
Share where you've traveled or have always wanted to travel with Wanderlust Wednesday
Have fun with this one! Post a pic of your dog, cat, boyfriend, a tweet, anything that makes you warm and cozy for Too Cute Tuesday.
Friday: #BestFriendFriday
Grab your best friend and have at this one!! The more hilarious the better!
Saturday: #SweetToothSaturday
Show off your sweet side with Sweet Tooth Saturday

Don't forget to tag me in it @katiefriedmann98

Thanks beautiful,

Katie xx


Heyyyy Mrs. Moore! I see you reading this! Feel free to participate! In fact..I challenge you :D


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