Thursday, August 22, 2013


Hello gorgeous!  If you haven't heard, you must live under a rock of something. I got out of school and checked my phone just like any other normal day only to find that, you guessed it, Zayn Malik is engaged to Perrie Edwards. It's insane. ZAYN BEING ENGAGED?!? WHAT?! HOW IS THAT OK?! HE'S LIKE TWELVE OMG NO THAT'S NOT OK. Although I totally ship them, (Zerrie forever) but they are way way way too young. What just happened?! I just..I just don't understand..but..I do find the story a little fishy..this is the story from E!.

Pretty sure that's her right hand..yeah.. it is

 What just happened..? You don't look at your phone for like an hour and all of a sudden a member from your favorite boyband is engaged?! Um. No. That's a little too much to handle.

So apparently at some point throughout the night..someone told her it was no the wrong hand because she moved it. 
 No one just forgets what hand you wear a wedding ring on.
 This story is waaaay too good to be true.

Perrie. Sweetie. I ship y'all so hard, but get the ring on the right finger, ok? It's stressing me out.

Thanks beautiful,
Katie xx

What do y'all think? Truth or publicity stunt? Comment below!


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