Wednesday, August 7, 2013

BTS: Schedule Time

Hello gorgeous! Is it bad that I'm still bummed about summer ending? Nah! Tomorrow I start back to school full time. Oh yay. Joy. Cause school is soo fun, right? Wrong!  But I am definitely excited about being able to see my friends on a daily basis. My classes are actually going to be pretty easy this semester. Well the majority of them anyway. I have 4 classes a day and halfway through the school year (aka right after Christmas) we get a whole new schedule. 4 completely different classes. Which I like because if you have a class you hate, you don't have it all year. Definitely an upside.

     My schedule:
  •  Advanced Biology
  • Spanish 1
  • Digital Design
  • World History 
The only class I'm worried about is Adv Biology. I've heard the regular class was hard enough. Wish me luck!
Thanks beautiful,
Katie xx 

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