Wednesday, August 7, 2013

There's A New App In Town

Hello gorgeous! I have some great news! And when I say great, I mean amazing. Fantastic. Exciting news. I was contacted by a lovely lady via email to become a VIP member for the Finds app! (You do not understand my excitement!!) That is the coolest thing I've been asked to do in my entire life. Ever. I downloaded the app immediately to see what it was all about and, to my delight, I loved it! I highly recommend it to anyone who loves fashion and or beauty. It's available in the app store for free. Yes free. Which is by far the best bargain yet.

What is this app? 
It's an app where fashionistas come together to share images of their recent purchases, hauls, etc. It's beyond fab! I have already posted about 6+ images (including a few that will appear in my soon to come video haul! So if you want a sneak peak of what is to come go get the app, make an account, and scroll until you see my name in your automatic followings!) See you there!

What's it similar to?
This app is all it's own. I haven't really seen anything like it yet other than maybe Wanelo or Pinterest. If you're loyal to either of those, you would most likely be fond of this app as well.

Comment below your username if you download the app! I'd love to follow you back!

Thanks beautiful,
Katie xx

Also, a special shoutout to whoever recommended me to get this amazing opportunity! I love you!

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