Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hair Inspiration

Hello gorgeous! I've been feeling like having a change in my life. A hair change. Right now my hair is a good length (pretty long I guess) and it's color is a slight red tinted brown shade. It's boring. I cannot stand it. I've had more bad hair days than good and it's just stressful. I've been thinking of the unthinkable: Chopping it off. Not as drastic as Miley Cyrus of course, but a definite change. I've also been wanting to color it again. More red than last time. Brighter than last time. A red like Karen Gillan. Yes! That would be perfect! Here are a few looks I've been loving and pondering over::

Karen Gillan

The color in these two!



The cut and color in this one.




Miley Cyrus

( Pre cut )

 Length and color for all of the above

Lily Collins

This is perf. Omg.

One More..

Thanks beautiful,
Katie xx

Also shoutout to those that I go to school with that have actually looked at this blog. Kudos to you! Thanks!

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