Thursday, July 4, 2013

It's the 4th of July?!


Hello gorgeous! I'm sitting here at 10:40 on the night of July 4th having just remembered that I have not made a single post all day. I have not thought to make one nor brainstormed at all. That is disasterous considering what this means is that I have totally went against my blogging schedule. So I'm going to make a quick random post about what's going on in my life and then I'll make it up to you all (and myself) tomorrow by coming up with some type of post worth reading. Ok here we go! So today my family (me, my brother, mom, and dad) all went to Chili's and to see Man Of Steel. Which omg that man is g-o-r-g-o-u-s at worst. Phew. Boy get me a fire extinguisher cause you're burnin me up! Ok after that meltdown (I made a funny!! Fire..meltdown..hey I see that cringe you just made!) 

After the movie we got some ice cream and came on home. Well my birthday was recently (as in Monday) and I have been wanting to redo my room. New color, carpet, layout, everything. The whole 9 yards. Which I'm super excited about. I'm going from a Barney purple to a very white pink! Ahh super psyched! Anyway back to my day. I came home and decide I should clean out my closet to make a pile dedicated to a promising garage sale for the fall helping to find a trip to New York with a club from school. So I've been cleaning and sorting and reminiscing over random stuffed animals and shoes and purses for the last like 4 hours. I'm soooo tired of it already! 

OH I HAVE AN IDEA!! Would you all like me to do a before and after room tour post? For once I finish?  Let me know in a comment below! 

                Thanks beautiful!!
                        Katie xx

P.s. I'm typing this on my iPhone so if I have hundreds of thousands of's totally Apple's fault for not auto correcting my lame typing skills. Night! Love ya!

                  OH AND HAPPY 4th! 
   And yes. I know my flag is backwards. 

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