Friday, July 5, 2013

What's Coming?

Hello gorgeous! I have noticed a pattern in my posting habits: I seem to post more information about what's to come than focusing on the present and what's here now. I would make tons of excuses as to why this is so, but I'm not about to cheat you guys nor myself by doing that.  After making that note, here I go again with the 'what's to come' statement. I use this very much, but only because I have these amazing ideas but I have no idea how to carry them out. So I'm going to make a list as to what is to come and post it below. I would love for you all to give me some feedback. Any feedback. In a comment, on Twitter, through email, anything. I'm somewhat desperate in that area. Not to get praise but just to know what I'm doing right and what I could improve on. Without further ado here are my ideas:

  • Find a new blog template
  • Post daily sets from my Polyvore
  • Post images referring to inspiring fashion and beauty related quotes on days that I am not scheduled to post
  • Make a monthly favorites list (ranging from clothing to music)
  • Make a monthly wish list
  • Recent purchase posts
  • Trend posts
  • More polls
Ok those are the majority of post ideas that would have a reoccurring appearances
What do you all think? Yes? No? Maybe?
Also, do any of you know some good template websites? Or how to create you own? 
I'm somewhat new to this guys I don't have everything down yet! 
Thanks beautiful!
Katie xx 

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