Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Amazing Sales and My Birthday!

Hello gorgeous! I'm soo mad at myself! I meant to make a post yesterday considering the fact that it was my birthday but unfortunately all sense of time totally slipped from my mind. Therefore, I'm going to use today's designated posting time to talk about my big 1-5. I'm also going to throw in some additional information pertaining to getting in contact with me and some fab places to shop for killer sales as of this moment.  I'm not sure if I'll make a follow up post right after this one displaying all of what I bought or not..in all honesty it depends on if I think I can get through it without falling asleep first. As Dora would say: vamos!! (I think..)

My birthday was yesterday, July 1! Yes, I am a July baby! :) I turned 15 and no I did not get my permit. I haven't even touched the learners permit book and better yet I don't have the urge to drive. I'm actually the opposite.  I am terrified to be behind the wheel.  It's like a disaster waiting to happen. I get sidetracked soooo easily (as you can probably tell) and I'm worried about the possibility of hitting animals. .or children. Ahhh it scares me!  BUT I do think that I'm going to start studying just in case I have the sudden urge to drive in the near future which is not going to happen but hey. At least then I could get my permit and use it if the opportunity presented itself.

What did I get for my birthday? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!  No just kidding! I didn't get anything materialistic. I actually got tickets to see Ed Sheeran at the Hard Rock Cafe next Monday! I am super duper excited considering he is the love of my life. He is the best thing on the planet. OH mom also got me some Biore blackhead remover strips that I've been wanting to try out. Which are fab. And my dad got me yellow roses :) (There is a story behind this specific rose by the way. I may tell it at the bottom of this post depending on the length.) And I'm also redoing my room, new paint, carpet, everything! My friend Mackenzie is taking me to H&M sometime soon and letting me pick out my own present there which I'm super excited about! (I actually know exactly what I want because I went yesterday..shh don't tell her!)  I've had a great birthday so far!

Want to contact me?  You can email me at katelinfriedmann@gmail.com which I usually reply to quickest. Or you could always tweet me at @katiefriedmann.

And now what you've all been waiting for! 
 The killer sales:
  •  H&M is having breath taking sales at the moment. I got some fab printed pants for 7 bucks. And a few shirts from $3-$5 each. And a purse that I am in love with for only $15. 
  • Forever 21 is having a pretty good sale. I didn't find nearly as many steals as H&M but I'm not complaining. 
  • Bath And Body Works has some crazy semi annual sale worth checking out. I got a tropical candle for 5 bucks. I've been needing a candle and the Pineapple Mango scent is beyond amazing. 
  • Aerie is having an AMAZING semi annual sale with some bras priced at $9.99, free shipping on everything at checkout online, and  undies 5/$16.50. (Which is $10 cheaper than Victoria's Secret right now)
  • Old Navy is also having a 40% off sale. Again, not crazy good but you can get some flip flops for cheap that way.
  • Urban Outfitters omg I forgot about this sale actually. I have the UO app and am automatically alerted when a sale is coming and I checked it out and all I can say is look for yourself. You will not be let down. 
I also tend to check my coupon apps on my iPhone all the time and find out about killer sales that way too. These are the ones I own:
  • Coupons: This one is good for a  overview of great discounts throughout all areas of purchase. Not only clothing coupons but lots of food coupons as well. 
  • Shopular:  This one is my favorite coupon app but only because you don't have to hunt through endless food coupons if you're looking for a clothing one. When you first download this app, you select the stores that you're interested in and it makes you a dashboard of types, but that does not exclude you from seeing the other stores that you did not select, it just shows them on a seperate dashboard. This app also tags the tops of each coupon with the labels: HOT, new, and coupon. Hot means that they're not going to be around long; they're about to be expired. New speaks for itself. Coupon also speaks for itself but instead of just informing you on a sale, this digital flier will get you additional discounts off of your purchase.

I really hope this post has inspired you to get your bargain shopping shoes on and
to go find your own bargains! If you know of some amazing sales 

online or in store comment down below, or tweet me at the
 username listed above!

Thanks beautiful,
Katie xx 

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