Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Top 8 Stores

Hello gorgeous! How are you doing this fine Tuesday afternoon? I'm super excited to do this post because shopping tends to be a great pleasure of mine..obviously..because I'm a girl..and girls tend to like shopping..not that guys don't..because many do..but..yeah..
          queue the awkward pause

ANYWAY...sorry guys I'm in an awkward phase today..BACK TO THE ARTICLE
Like I was saying shopping is a great pleasure of mine and once I find a store that I'm happy with I tend to go back until I can't stand the sight of it any longer. Here are my top 8 stores of the moment:

1. Urban Outfitters - Boho-Chic
I love UO because everything they carry is just so interesting! Everything from accessories to their clothing to their apartment section, it's all extremely detailed and that catches my attention. And apparently everyone else's. I wouldn't be able to keep track of how many compliments I get a day while wearing their merchandise! Their original prices are pretty high (as in, on average, $40-60 for a t shirt) but their sale prices are omg amazing.

2. Aerie - Bras and panties
I love Aerie soooo much. They supply ALL of my bra and panty needs! All of what they
sale is extremely well made and comfortable. I've put so much money into this store that it's probably unhealthy. I perfer here over Victoria's Secret, mainly because they are cheaper but not lacking in the cute factor. And their sale prices are drop your jaw amazing.

3. Forever 21 -Girly
Ok. I don't know one girl who has yet to shop in this store. It's fab. It's so girly and 
extremely inexpensive! Their sweaters are my favorite (super soft, guys) and they have the cutest jewelry  starting at around 2 bucks!! Although I use this store to fulfill my girly needs they do also carry other styles. 

4. American Eagle - Jeans
I shop here mainly for their flawless jeans. They have so many styles of jeans that one
 is bound to fit every single body type out there! They are super flattering. omg. They also have super cute shirts and hoodies. Their jeans run for about $50 but their sales can get down to about $30ish.

5. H&M - Um Everything
Ok in one of my recent posts I have stated that H&M opened in Opry Mills. Opry Mills is located in Nashville, TN. Tennessee has never had an H&M and the closest one was in Georgia. Can you guys even comprehend my excitement and the amount of money I'm planning on spending in that store? Probably not! But H&M is literally THE STORE. They have great prices and even better stuff. Shoes, accessories, clothing, you name a trend. They have it.
6. Ross - Everything
 Ross is an overall great store. It gets merchandise leftover from stores ranging from 
JCPenny to Calvin Klein. They usually have awesome prices! I get a great deal of my dresses and shoes from Ross for pretty great deals! I got some studded Guess wedges for about $37 just recently. The only downer about this store is the fact that you have to be patient and actually search through the racks and racks of clothing before you find something that you personally would wear. Some days are more fortunate than others of course. 

7. Maurices - Tops
The majority of clothes that I have bought from Maurices have been shirts..on sale.
Yes I am a bargain hunter. But hey! If you save money that means you have more money to buy something else! That's how I see it anyway! This store isn't exactly pricey, but it's not cheap either..do you get my gist? I sure hope so..but overall this store def has some cute pieces that are easily styleable! It's more on the classic girly side. For instance, they sell some blazers and dress pants. They also have a huge size range.

8. Ulta - Makeup
I'm not going to act like I shop here like every week. Because I don't. I rarely shop here actually.
But when I do, I find some great deals on everything from fragrances to makeup to hair products. It's a fabulous store! Selling high-end makeup as well as low-end makeup is a genius idea! Props to whoever founded it. (This made me curious so I googled it and it didn't say who founded the company, but it was founded in 1990. Cool beans.) 
 Thank you beautiful,
Katie xx

I really hope this post was helpful!! I would have had my top 10 stores..but it was hard enough to come up with 8! I shop all the time.. I don't know why I had a problem with it..oh well. This post was made on June 19th due to the fact that when this will be published I will be at camp. Yay. The outdoors. (sarcasm)

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