Thursday, June 27, 2013

Dress Like You

Before I start go to Wildest Moments by Jessie Ware and let that song play in another tab. It works with this post!
Hello gorgeous! Do you let yourself lack on trying the trends that you want to try because you're afraid of the looks people will give you? Are you avoiding living up to your fashion potential because you're scared of what people will think of you? I used to shop at "name brand" stores because that's what everyone else did. It was a safe choice because I was scared to be different. I was dressing like everyone else because I thought that's what I was supossed to do. I finally realized that I could make my own clothing rules and statements. My style has, since then, developed and done many 180s. I've gone from extremely girly to a grungey/wanna-be-goth look (that I deeply regret, but that's ok because that's who I was at the time), boho, classic, and now I'm a mix that I would like to call Katie. I dress like me. I dress for myself, not to impress anyone else. And since then I've gotten so many compliments on what I wear and how I wear it. I'm actually proud of how I dress! I'm confident in my style and people recognize that! My yearbook is filled with style compliments. It is insane..yet extremely rewarding to know that people recognize your passions. Fashion is a huge part of my life and I'm still trying to get up the courage to try different trends like flower crowns and printed pants, but guess what. I've bought both. I will make myself come out of my fashion comfort zone. I'm going to make myself take not only fashion but makeup risks. My friend (that I mention quite a bit but only because she is flawless) wore a flower crown on the last day of school and she got some weird looks. Sure. But she still rocks it. She doesn't let society stop her from doing what she wants to do with her personal style. Her name is Kelsey. (You should totally check her blog btw it's linked with her name) But knowing that she rocked it at school of all places! That is amazing to me! It gives me the courage to rock one anywhere! The streets of Nashville or the streets of the small town that I live in. Let the locals beware. I will be seen wearing a flower crown at Walmart. I guarantee it..if Kelsey comes with me of course!
Thank you beautiful,
Katie xx

I'm still at camp guys.  I'm probably passed out on a bench somewhere. When I signed up for camp I had forgotten that I didn't like the outdoors. The bugs bite. The sun burns. The humidity makes ya sweat. Just ew. Not happy. This post was made on June 19.

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