Saturday, June 22, 2013

Collective Haul!

 Hello gorgeous!  OK I have news. Don't freak out. Ok and here it is. . .dramatic pause. . .
We've had it for awhile now, but I finally went yesterday and omg. I could live in there. It is a proven fact. It  was  amazing.  I didn't buy too much, and what I did buy was travel sized..but hey, whatever works, right? One of the main reasons I actually went was because I wanted to redeem my birthday gift, courtesy of joining their beauty insider club (which is a free membership btw. so go join for free Benefit products!). My purchases from Sephora are listed below as well as two other not so recent purchases I thought would be cool to show you all. So without further ado..

From Sephora I purchased..

Bad Gal Lash by Benefit
This product does not disappointment. The brush is woah..flawless. It coats your lashes perfect;y.

Too Faced Primed, Poreless & Perfected
I have yet to use this, but the brush is the cutest thing ever omg. Look at the applicator it comes in!
You can never go wrong with a bow!

Clear Days Ahead by Philosophy
Ok. I have super oily, acne prone skin and used this product this morning and it was amazing.
I haven't been oily all day!

Watts Up Highlighter and They're Real Mascara by Benefit
 This, I find, is extremely generous. The fact that they will give you one of these sets for free..well
kinda. You have to spend some kind of even if it's just two bucks..anyways back to my point..which I forgot..ok..I have yet to use this product but am extremely excited to do so.

My Etsy Purchase..

omg..I forgot what company made this..
 Is this phone case not the best thing you've seen in your entire life? Omg. I'm a cat addict and this definitely 
floats my boat! I went from using an Otter Box to this almost barely there case and haven't messed my phone up yet! Woohoo for good quality cases!

Walmart purchase..

These sunnies were a total of..wait for it.. FIVE BUCKS. Considering I was about to spend a total of $16 on a somewhat similar pair from Urban Outfitters..I call that a bargain!

Thanks beautiful,
Katie xx

Guys I haven't even started packing for Kamp and it's 3:49. This is what my life consists of: procrastination. Wish me luck! 

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