Sunday, June 16, 2013

Posting Schedule

Hello gorgeous!

I've been racking my brain to come up with a posting schedule to keep you all updated and interested. The most useful and manageable plan I have come up with is the every other day plan. It's pretty self-explanatory: I'll be posting an article or picture set every other day. I believe that for my schedule this will be easily manageable and enough material to keep you all interested. I won't be bombarding you all with random pointless articles. Well..I'll try not to. 

If I have absolutely no inspiration that day I might just make a music post and list my favorite songs of the moment or make a new poll. (If you haven't voted on your favorite summer trend the poll is located towatd the top of sidebar to your right!)

I'm super excited about this posting arrangement!! Woohoo! Ok yeah I'm sorry. It's late. 

Thanks beautiful,
Katie xx

If you have any specific types of posts you would like me to do, feel free to comment down below or tweet me @katiefriedmann

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