Saturday, June 15, 2013


Hello to all of blogosphere! How are you all doing today? Or is it tonight? Oh well. As you all probably have figured out, this blog is recently in made today. I've been wanting to make a blog for awhile and was finally inspired by my flawless friend Kelsey ( to make one. (You should totally check out her blog!!) Anyway, as I was saying, I've been wanting one for awhile. I've had a tumblr (which kelsey also inspired me to get) for about a year and its been pretty successful I do believe. Followers come and go of course, but I'm not basing the success off of the number that have chosen to stay with me. I'm basing it off of the fact that they've encouraged me to make an ACTUAL blog one that I publish all of my own stuff, 100% original. 

Well this blog will consist of a good mixture of fashion and beauty. Which, as cheesy as it sounds, are my passions. I've recently gotten a camera worth using (CAN I GET AN APPLAUSE FOR CANNON)..I'm sorry. I'm an odd child. I'm going to use this blog as a way of getting out of my comfort zone. As in stopping fashionable people on the streets and photographing their unique style. I'm worried about the reactions I'm going to receive but that's all in the mystery of stepping out of my comfort zone. I think it will help me in the long run. 

This post is getting way too long..but I'm going to end this with a little about me. 

My name is Katie and I live in a small town northeast of Nashville, TN. I'm 14 (my birthday is in 15 days WOOP WOOP) and about to be a sophomore in high school.  My dream is to be a fashion journalist for a big name magazine. I'm also a huge fangirl. Boybands and British..well anything British actually..are my weakness. I also love cats.

Bye beautiful! xx

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  1. boybands and cats <3 the perfect combo!! :)