Thursday, March 13, 2014

TV Takeover: Gossip Girl

It's no secret that I watch a lot of tv.
You can tell that by looking at my Twitter for maybe a whole 2 seconds.
Whether it's detective shows or reality tv, you could probably find me not only watching it, but also tweeting about it.

I keep up with so many shows, some of which being Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Pretty Little Liars, BBC's Sherlock, Brooklyn Nine Nine, The Fosters, and much m u c h more.

But I also watch quite a bit of Netflix.
I've started The Vampire Diaries, Dance Academy, and my favorite, Gossip Girl.

Gossip Girl is a huge obsession of mine. I love every single thing about it.
The fashion.
The boys.
The drama.
Did I mention the fashion?
What's not to love?!

Ok, having stated that. The couples I ship:

Chuck and Blair
chuck and blair

Nate and Vanessa

aaaand I used to ship Dan and Serena, but he gets on my nerves so aha no. no more dan.

However, I am only on season 2. I have no idea how I'm only this far, I watch it all. the. time. Like every spare moment of my life is spent watching episode after episode. It's a bit. .obsessive. .but anyway. Are any of you guys as obsessed as I am?


But otherwise, what shows do you all watch?
Any of the ones I watch?
What should I start watching?

xoxo, gossip girl katie

OOOOH GUYS!! I finally watched Breakfast At Tiffany's last week!
Audrey Hepburn is a true classic beauty o m g.
Talk about perfection.

Aaaaand I have exams today and tomorrow, wish me luck!
Spring Break is next week! Yay!

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