Monday, March 3, 2014

Sincere Apologies

Oh wow. I haven't posted since the end of January. I cannot believe that.

[cue the same speech I give every time I don't follow through with my posting schedule]

I have been so beyond busy. Like so busy. It's been ridiculous. For all of you who follow me on Instagram and Twitter, you know that my school's boys basketball team has made it to the state championships! {Go Indians!} I'm so proud of them! So I've been going to quite a few of their games to show my support, and that has taken quite a bit of my afternoon free time.

Other than that I have no reason other than the fact that I'm just plain lazy. I guess I kind of unknowingly took a month long break from this blog, and I'm (hopefully) coming back energized, inspired, and ready to put as much effort into my future posts as possible!

I've missed you guys so much and I am so sorry for neglecting you all for so long. But I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has reached out on social media to ask if everything was ok. OH and a h u g e thank you to Kelsey who presented me with the fact that it has been a month since I last posted. I had no idea. I guess once you get off track, it just kind of slips your mind.

The only problem is that I still don't know what to post about! If you have any ideas, tweet me @katiefriedmann or send me an ask on tumblr. It would be much appreciated!

I have a few post ideas brewing in my mind pertaining to the Oscars (which may or may not be up tonight), recent purchases, beauty favs, music manias, and monthly wish lists. I guess we will see what happens! Oh! I've been thinking about make a huge post about all that I've been loving since I haven't updated you all on some of my recent obsessions!

Hmm decisions, decisions.

xoxo, katie

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