Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Updating You All. .

Hello! This is a mid-week-ish post just to update you guys on a few things pertaining to me and/or this blog.  I'm going to mention a few changes being made to my posting schedule and the like.  So. .here weeeee GO!

New Features?!
Not to make my blog sound like an app or anything, but I have added a link to my Pinterest to my sidebar (which also contains an email icon, twitter, polyvore, etc. Feel free to add me on anything you like. I'm not mean! I promise!). I have also added a special holiday banner I created with Polyvore to wish you all a happy holidays! Which I am waaaaay too proud of.  So go do me a favor and stare at it for a good 5 minutes. Also, I added a Goodreads section to my sidebar to show you all what I am currently reading. . .so if you are looking for anything to read just check that out.  Uh. .I think that covers it. .

New Posting Time/Day?!
Guys. I have figured it out. My posting day is now -drum roll please- Thursdays!! It's a fairly unbusy day for me and it just so happens that I've been testing out this day for the past few weeks and I like it. Alot. So there you finally have a proper day to come check for more content. Although the post time may be a bit late depending on my homework amount and school events.

However. .
I'm not 100% sure how much I will be able to post these next two weeks. I have EOCs next week and then exams the week after that. I will try my absolute hardest to get on here and post some nice content, but you may have to settle for a gif set/massive polyvore set collage/Christmas list post. .aka fillers here and there.

Big news?!
Ok. Big news for me and this blog. An amazing company has reached out to me hoping that I would get word out for their rising status, and a post about that should be coming within the next two weeks. They sent me articles and images to use, so that will be my first sponsored post! Yay! Stay tuned because there are some new things coming :)

Thanks guys!
xoxo, katie

yeah. i always have to add a couple gifs. . 


See ya Thursday!

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