Thursday, December 5, 2013

Around The World In 8 Designers (Part 1)

TROVEA is the online destination where you can discover and shop emerging designers from around the world. With 30 designers from over 10 countries and counting, TROVEA is your local stylish BFF that shows you the hottest designers that everyone is raving about, locally, globally. With products revolving around the theme “classics reinvented”, TROVEA aims to bring statement staples that will be considered new essentials for any stylish wardrobe and home. For early access, sign up at

Runway Styles You Would Never Guess Were Eco
A Parisian designer but a global citizen on many levels, both literally and ethically. With American and German roots, French Flair, and Indian passion, you’re likely to pick up Johanna’s beautiful pieces without even asking about her story – but if you did, you’d wear her pieces with overwhelming pride. Johanna’s latest collection, inspired by her theme for the season “Immersion” are feminine and flowy, stylish and statement, yet practical, comfortable and surprisingly ethical. Johanna’s passion oversteps just style as the main driver behind her work, a passion for natural ecological materials and a preservation of the environment. Her fabrics are all natural, from only the best sources, as are her dyes. “If you’ve ever been to India, you probably got a beautiful garland to wear when going to a temple. The flowers from those garlands are handpicked and processed to create the dye used for the dress, and you won’t believe it but the process actually cleans the water, a reverse of the contamination of typical dyeing techniques”. With gorgeous use of silks, consumers may overlook the drop in use of natural silks for other fake-silk lookalikes, but Johanna refuses to forego her values, and does so in beautiful classics that will find a home and not just a temporary parking spot in any wardrobe. Johanna Riplinger will be available for online purchase on TROVEA, sign up for early access on
Bo-Bo Accessories that Get to Stay On
Ela Rae’s bohemian understated classics stay on without having to compromise on choice or style. Designed to be stacked along with your other accessories, and to be with you from Boho through to Bourgeois. These Bo-bo (swanky French term for Bohemian-Bourgois style) accessories include delicate but unusual pieces such as hand chains with semi-precious stones that extend from finger to wrist, as well as necklaces featuring rose-gold and lucky emblems, to the occasional use of the flattering natural turquoise stone. Understatedly elegant but still unique, Ela Rae caters to today’s woman, the elegant professional-turned-bohemian globetrotter, and gives her accessories for her fast-paced lifestyle that can stay on under any circumstance. Ela Rae will be available for online purchase on TROVEA, sign up for early access on

Statement Brand from an Avant-Garde Islander
A designer that makes as much a statement as her brand, Khaleda, who hails from the small island of Bahrain, one of the smallest countries in the world, has been recognized by key players in the industry. Most recently she made fashion trend headlines with the cat-eye sunglasses she designed by request for Linda Farrow’s collection. Otherwise, she focuses on her groundbreaking and head-turning styles which include, high shoulders, sharp edges, and classics reinvented. Including hints of cultural influences and ethnical undertones where relevant, each piece tells a story of the many facets of inspiration Khaleda both gets and exudes. Rest assured, and rest prepared, you’ll be wearing a conversation piece, so be prepared to show it off. Khaleda Rajab will be available for online purchase on TROVEA, sign up for early access on

Biker jackets Re-invented
With bi-polar roots of German and Spanish, and a lust for travel, JN Llovet’s inspiration stemmed from her discovery while in Latin America that the best quality of leather need not mean boring colors and styles. Daring leathers tend to be reserved for accessories, JN Llovet believed it was time for the biker jacket to be re-invented. Blending colors of Latin American suave, beautiful leathers, and discreet-with-a-presence linings, JN Llovet’s jackets (and expanding collection of other leather accessories) have been a hit with everyone who buys them. “I started off doing only custom pieces by appointment, but it was a pleasant surprise that the demand was overwhelming. Everyone who had seen my jackets on a friend wanted one, and existing customers wanted a second one, for themselves or as a unique gift for someone else who has it all. So we decided to also expand to ready-to-wear and now retail in over 8 outlets, as well as our own showroom in Hamburg.” With leather jackets usually being a black or brown staple, and adventures in leather being more with style than color, JN Llovet provides a refreshing perspective on a classic wardrobe must-have. JN LLOVET will be available for online purchase on TROVEA, sign up for early access on

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