Sunday, September 15, 2013

Well That's Cool!

Hello! Guys I have literally taken a break from everything since Tuesday. I haven't posted on here, I haven't had any homework, no tests, nothing. It has been wonderful. 

While I was taking a little break from some of the more stressful things (mentioned above) I started reading a new book, redone my tumblr, and discovered an amazing new Instagram account!

I've been reading Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini and let me tell you holy cow this book is amazing. It's spectacular! It has some Greek mythology tied into it and it's just wow. I cannot explain how much I ship (if you don't know what shipping something is, click here) Lucas and Helen. You do not understand. You can buy the book from amazon here or read a description of the book here.

Now onto the Instagram account. Ok it's beyond fab. 2 girls own it and post the best quotes in town. .or in the world. It's just a cute little girly quote acc with not many followers and they deserve so much more omg. It's that fab. I gave them a shoutout recently on my account, but if you're not following me, here it is. It's flowersinherhair17. Enjoy!

My tumblr is no longer lovelychic-simplyme guys. It is now. .drum roll please. .sweaterwhethr and I love it so much. I changed the name, template, pic, style, everything. Feel free to check it out! It's more me now. .not just bows and ball gowns, but like music, indie, flowers, etc. It's amazing. The name was inspired by many things. a) I love sweaters b) I love fall, aka sweater weather c) sweaterweather was taken so I thought sweaterwhether would be cool but that was also taken so it's sweaterwhethr. It's kind of like a confusion. .it makes people think. And d) I love the song Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood :) 

Well that's all folks. .I don't have school tomorrow or Tuesday and I'm going to a concert Saturday so I'm ecstatic about this week! To top it off 2 (or 3) of my school friends are spending the night tonight and it's gonna be fab. Check my Insta for pics to come! (Or just stare at my sidebar until my Insta slideshow changes!) 

Love you guys!

xoxo, katie

The book^
The account^
 My bestfriend is better than yours ;)

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