Monday, August 5, 2013

August Wish List

August Wish List 

Hello gorgeous! I just realized that it's already a few days into August and I have yet to do my August wish list! I have been wishing for soo many things it's ridiculous. Don't judge. But here is a list of the top 7 items I want to accumulate during August.

  1. Cut Out Shoes-Obviously these are trending at the moment. I have seen them everywhere. I think they're adorable and a great way to keep your toes warm while still trending the latest fashion :)
  2. Wildflower iPhone Cases-Ok ok. Everyone has one of these. I know. They're pretty cute, not worth the $$ in my opinion, but hey I might find one on sale! (Hopefully the pineapple. omg.) 
  3. Midi rings-I really liked this trend when it first came out and got sick of it very quickly. It spread waayy too fast. Meaning it wasn't different at any point in time. But I happen to have an obsession with them now. I have yet to purchase any. .yet. .it will happen. It has to. 
  4. Platform Sandals- Ok great way to spice up some boyfriend jeans. Boom. You just went to tomboy with boy jeans to fashionista in 2.0 seconds. Insane right? Right! I will definitely be on the look out for a pair of these bad boys!
  5. Cat Dress-Say whaaat? Yes I know. This looks extremely creepy, but I'm a future crazy cat lady. Might as well go ahead and get started with showcasing my obsession to the world. This dress is from H&M and I'm literally going to purchase it once it's on sale. 
  6. Velvet Flats-I happen to love this shoe. It's very normal being a common flat, but gives off a unique vibe with a velvet sheen and texture..I like it! They had some blue velvet ones from Ross that I would totally go buy if I had money. *sigh* 
  7. Pendant shoes?-Not sure the term..they're flats..and it looks like a pendant on them? Pendant flats? Ahhh I don't know. I love these owl ones, but I really want the cat one seen on Taylor Swift in this picture. They are fab. It's ridiculous! 
Thanks beautiful,
Katie xx 
What's on your August wish list?

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