Thursday, August 15, 2013

Apping Up Your Evening

Hello gorgeous! Today I have a few apps I'd like to share with you all. They have kept me up many nights scrolling through endless images of places I'd like to go and people I'd like to know. They've helped me create some fabulous photography, kept me entertained when I'm traveling (and in school) and much much more. This is also a look into my phone! Enjoy!

1. Tumblr
 Tumblr has been my friend for about a year now. That's definitely an understatement by the way. I've been on Tumblr 24/7 since I got this blog around June of last year. It is definitely one of my midnight must haves.
2. Vine
I have a love/hate relationship with Vine. I love watching other people's videos, but I cannot make a good vine for anything. I actually have a few good ones..and only because I made them with my friend Mackenzie. If you have a Vine, you should totally follow us!
3. Polyvore
Polyvore is any fashion blogger's best friend. I promise you this makes my life soo much easier.
4. Songza
Songza has replaced Pandora in my heart. I am a strong believer in this app. It is the best thing ever. I listen to it constantly. My favorite stations are Mainstream Indie, At The Farmer's Market, and Today's Romantic Singer-Songwriters. If you enjoy some good unique music, this is the app for you.
5. YouTube
I watch YouTube videos constantly. It's ridiculous. I love watching beauty and fashion related videos (here) and I've recently started watching Connor Franta. Woah. He is an attractive guy.  
6. Snapchat
Ok I am not the only one Snapchatting constantly. I know I can't be. It's an addiction. That is all.
7. Instagram
Obvious reasons. This is the best app ever created. I can't even explain. If you don't have an Instagram, I'm so sorry because you are missing out on so much.
8. Bloglovin'
I hate using our desktop computer, therefore, this app is quite handy dandy. It's all of your favorite blogs in one small icon. It's perf.
9. Blogger
This app honestly isn't all that great. The desktop version is 100 times better. You can't check your starts, comments, you can't do anything but view your blog and create posts. .and you can barely do that.
10. UO
Urban Outfitters on the go..yep.. that's all I needed to hear. I never have to leave home again. Ever. Between this and number 11 I'll never have to get off of the couch!
      11. Netflix
I don't use this app that often, but it's definitely going to come in handy during those nights that I cannot sleep worth a wink. Thank you Doctor Who.
12. Pinterest
Ok this isn't pictured, but it's directly above the A Beautiful Mess app. It's unfortunate really. .but my addiction to Pinterest has only intensified since I've downloaded the app for a second time. I could be on it for hours and hours. In fact, I was today. Yikes.
13. Finds
This is the app I was lucky enough to be part a way. I was offered a VIP spot on this app through this blog, which is beyond my wildest dreams. That's just the coolest thing ever, right? Definitely go make yourself an account. You will not regret it. 
14. InstaSize
It creates the white borders you always see on Instagram. .and everywhere else.
15. A Beautiful Mess
This app is actually created and run by Emma and Elise of the blog A Beautiful Mess. I actually purchased this app just to support them, but it's actually a really neat little contraption. It makes your pictures quite adorable! Good job girls!
A peak into my phone. .

 Thanks beautiful,
Katie xx


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