Sunday, July 14, 2013

Mega Haul P.1

 Haul Time!!!

 Hello gorgeous! So it's finally haul time! I really hope you all enjoy it. I've certainly talked about it enough. Alright, this haul consists of Forever 21, a few birthday gifts, Rue 21, Bath & Body Works, and Maurices. Enjoy!

Forever 21:

owl lip balm $3.96

This cute lip balm was bought my my friend Mackenzie for part of my birthday present!
Not only is it a cute little figurine, but it doubles as a lip balm!! Isn't it adorable?! Here's a hint: YES

cross faith top $10.80

Ok guys. If you follow me on polyvore you will recognize this top. I've done a set or two with this exact shirt. And oh. Let me tell you. When I found this I may have screamed. .and I may or may not have done a
little dance. Yes I know. You do not want to go shopping with me. Ever. 

Birthday Gifts:

the price on this is a mystery

My mom gave me this necklace for my birthday recently and I think it's the cutest thing ever. 
I've been dying for a collar necklace and I about died when she handed it to me earlier this month. 
It goes great with so many different tops and dresses. It's fab! Thanks mommy!

the price is a mystery

So my friend Madison gave me this necklace and I thinks it's just one of the coolest things ever. It's the perfect size. It goes with endless tops. It's lovely! You can't really tell, but 3 of the triangles have diamond studs on them making it instantly more chic. Lovely. 


ok these were $2.98 what?!

 This was probably the best deal I found throughout all of my endless shopping. They were originally ten bucks, but were marked down to $2.98. How lucky can a girl get? And a plus? They're not heavy! They're light as can be!!

Rue 21:

this top was marked down for $6. bargain? I think so.

 Ok this top was $17 marked down for $12. I got it for $6. The heart cutout is probably one of the cutest trends I've seen in awhile. Love it! The color looks 100% different between the two pics, but it's the color on the right.

  Bath and Body Works:

pineapple mango scented $5

This scent is heaven. I love it! It's extremely tropical and pretty strong for the size of the candle. I got this bad boy on sale for five bucks! Woop woop!!

Thanks beautiful,
Katie xx

Ok guys part 1 of 3! Hope you enjoyed!


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