Friday, July 5, 2013

Late Night Inspiration

Hello gorgeous! I believe I have stumbled upon late night inspiration. Well..if you call 9:16 late..anyway same gist. I had decided to fool around with Polyvore after being on the Internet for the last 5 hours trying to find a website to create my own template. Which has proven to be an extremely hard task by the way. It didn't help that all of the sites were definitely not user friendly thank you very much for wasting my time. *queue scowl* Any who, back to Polyvore, I decided that I'd just wrap up my night by creating a few sets and then BOOM inspiration hit. I decided to go ahead and create those sets inspired by my new ideas listed in this post. Phew. That was way to easy. I'm a happy camper now! But. . .I just totally lost any clue as to why I created this post in the first place. . .ahh I guess that's what happens when late night inspiration hits!

Thanks beautiful,
Katie xx

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