Saturday, July 6, 2013

Aerie Haul

Hello gorgeous! There is no possible way that I'm the only one that gets excited when it comes to buying new underwear. Ok I probably am. I love buying it in general but especially when it comes to buying it from Aerie! I'm not sure why I like buying cute ones, obviously I'm the only one who sees them,well other than my mom when she does the laundry..I don't know why, but it makes me feel good. :) Recently, Aerie and PINK both had a semi-annual sale going on and I saw that PINK had 5/$26 but I decided to check Aerie and sure enough they had 5/$16! Saving me ten bucks! Thank you Aerie! With that amazing deal and the crazy cute factor of the actual product, I decided they were cute enough to show off, so here are my lovely new undies!

These are my babies. I love my pineapple ones so much omg it's an obsession.
Thanks beautiful,
Katie xx 

UPDATE:: The pineapple ones are super soft *virtual thumbs up*

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