Thursday, June 20, 2013

Benefits To Bloglovin'

Hello gorgeous! Bloglovin' is a great tool for bloggers.  It's very similar to our very own Google Reader in the way that it takes the blogs that you are following and arranges the most recent posts into an orderly line of what you have read and what you have not.  Although the two sites have many similarities, Bloglovin' reigns in my book for numerous reasons brought to my attention by this post.  (Check it out guys. It is a great tutorial!) 
The first benefit would be that Bloglovin' contains would be the fact that it contributes to your blogs page views.  A benefit that our beloved Google Reader does not tend to offer.  Google Reader allows people following you to get a snipit of your post and the option to click the post to read more.  On Bloglovin' you can get the whole article right there ready for you to do with what you wish.  

The second benefit to Bloglovin' would be that you have a 'like' and 'share' button at the bottom of each post. Making it easily accessible to anyone who chooses to mark an article. The home page displays all of the articles you have yet to read making it easy to navigate toward the ones that you have not had a chance to view. If you have no desire to read a certain post you can click the 'mark as read' button, also located at the bottom of each post, to remove it from your dashboard.  You can also access your read posts by location of your sidebar.

Honestly I believe that Bloglovin' is alot easier to navigate as well as more convenient and many ways. You can follow this blog on Bloglovin' here

You can also get the Bloglovin' app on both the Apple and Android store! 

Thank you beautiful,
Katie xx
This post was extremely boring, but I thought you all would benefit from his this fab site. I hope you all decide to make one. If you do, you can get a Bloglovin' badge for your own blog. You may have to hunt around the site, but eventually you will find the option.  I would tell you where it is located, but it has totally slipped my mind. It's probably located under the settings somewhere..oh well! You can also import all of the blogs you're following on Google Reader to display on your Bloglovin' dashboard!
This post was not sponsored by Bloglovin'. It was my idea to post. The idea came from her.

Since this post was so boring I'm going to upload an additional post today.

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