Saturday, August 3, 2013

What to expect in August

Hello gorgeous! I am dreadfully sorry that I have not been posting on my normal schedule these past few days. I attended yet another funeral Thursday, went hiking to a waterfall yesterday, and back to school shopping today along with a birthday party in a few hours. I have been a very busy child. It's ridiculous. I have a few things being shipped to my house and I need to purchase a few more items before school starts (which is next Tuesday. I will be crying. omg. no.) and then a huge back to school haul is coming your way! *cue applause* I am sooo excited to show you all what I have purchased! I may actually do that haul in video form. .just to see how it goes:) If you would like that, comment below! Or if you'd rather me do it in pictures like I have been, comment that below as well. I need to know guys! I am so excited! I'm also working on a pretty big post about a no heat straight hair look. That's coming your way as well. I have some pretty big plans actually. Here's a list of what you all will be seeing throughout August:

  • No Heat Straight Hair Tutorial
  • Back To School Haul (Possibly in video form)
  • DIYs
  • Recommendations and reviews on different products 
  • Music Playlists
  • OOTDs = Outfit Of The Day
  • Much much more :) 
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That's about it for now..big things are in the making, I'm not leaving you! These projects just take time!

And guys. Omg. I have gotten back into reading (I usually don't read at all during the summer but 24/7 during school. Hey. It's an excuse not to do your homework!) And I've been reading a book recommended by a friend: Significance by Shelly Crane. Woah. It's amazing. Pure perfection. 
I have also gotten sucked into the Whovian fandom thanks to two people: Grace and Kenzie. Thank you both for ruining my life. No just kidding! But I literally watch at least 3 episodes a day. They're an hour long. Yikes.
That's all for now:)
Thanks beautiful,
Katie xx

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