Wednesday, August 28, 2013

All About Me: 50 Facts

imageHello gorgeous! I have decided to do a segment every Wednesday for the next 5-6 weeks. It's an All About Me segment so you all can get to know me as you like. I've been wanting to do this for quite awhile now. But I'd like to kick it into gear today. This AAM is going to be focused on 50 odd(ish) facts about me.Here we gooo! (Ya might want to hold on to something I'm a crazy person.) And if you have any questions about any of these facts comment below and I'll answer them on the next AAM!

  1. I have an insane obsession with cats. 
  2. Teen Beach Movie is my favorite movie ever.
  3. I am 15 and have yet to even glance at the driver's ed book.
  4. I am an intense book reader. I fall in love with characters automatically and take the story seriously. I cry when they cry. I laugh when they laugh. They're life becomes mine. (I will have a book post coming soon!)
  5. I have only had two boyfriends in my life. They were back in 5th grade..and they were twins. .yeah. .let's not talk about it.
  6. If I buy a magazine I have to read it from cover to cover. I can't just look at the pictures.
  7. I am addicted to Twitter. If you follow me you have already figured that out. #sorrynotsorry
  8. I verbally hashtag my life.
  9. I love indie music. Anything weird I fall in love with instantly. 
  10. I am a Christian and have gone to church all of my life.
  11. I have a webbed toe!!! It's ridiculous. 
  12. I have a scar on my chin from 3rd grade when I flipped down a concrete hill after church one evening.
  13. I do not like chocolate. By any means. I hate it. It's so gross.
  14. A lifelong wish of mine is to be able to italicise words while texting. 
  15. I eat constantly. Food is my life. 
  16. I love to's probably an unhealthy obsession..but that's ok.
  17. I am overly addicted to Pinterest
  18. I can't stand Facebook but I still have one to creep on people.
  19. I own 4 horses. I've had up to 8 at one time.
  20. I used to be an extreme tomboy. .and then I found my friend Annie who talked some sense into me. I am forever in her debt.
  21. I used to hate the color pink! That's like a sin!
  22. I grind my teeth in my sleep and it's extremely annoying.
  23. I cannot stand Waffle House. It's nicknamed the Awful Waffle for a reason people!
  24. I take all honors classes in high school.
  25. My birthday is July 1.
  26. I love taking pictures of just about anything.
  27. I take terrible selfies. I don't understand how they can be so bad. 
  28. Pretty Little Liars rules my life.
  29. I'm running out of facts. .
  30. I love fall! Big comfy sweaters are the best invention I've seen yet.
  31. I love ranch I will eat it on about anything.
  32. I will eat just about any type of food.
  33. I love sushi!!!
  34. I want to chop off my hair sooo bad but I'm terrified to do so.
  35. I have one brother.
  36. I don't ever want to have kids!! I'd rather spend my time traveling the world and living my life. I don't want to be tied down.
  37. I'd love to write a book.
  38. I say "That's depressing" and "That's unfortunate" waaaay more than I'd like to admit to.
  39. I'm scared of heights.
  40. I have to have either pink, red, or black on my nails at all times.
  41. I live to go to concerts! Any kind: loud, quiet, well known, local, anything.
  42. My iPhone gets me through life.
  43. Reality TV is like. .the best invention (besides big sweaters of course)
  44. I love to write poetry! I'm not too good, but I find it quite interesting.
  45. I despise poetry that doesn't no..that defeats the purpose.
  46. I'm an extremely cheesy person.
  47. I love knock knock jokes.
  48. I have never had my first kiss.
  49. I've decided that I will acquire a British accent before I die. 
  50. I love you guys more that you'll ever know!! Thank you all for being there for me and letting me do what I love! 
Thanks beautiful,
Katie xx

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