Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Overview of the Ed Sheeran Concert

Hello gorgeous! So I'm going to start off by saying do not ever even consider wearing wedges to a standing only concert. Ever. Do not think about it. Push the thought from your mind. Yes I know I got an anonymous comment on my last post but it was too late! I was already at the cafe! Opps! But honestly I'm glad I wore them. I wouldn't have been able to see if I hadn't! Some of those girls were tall! But on the other hand, my feet were so swollen by the end of the show I had to walk downtown Nashville barefoot. Through multiple unknown liquids. It was cringe worthy. But the concert was SOO worth  every ounce of pain. He was flawless. Perfect. Angelic. Amzing. The list goes on and on. We were extremely close to the stage! And then he came through the crowd and did the rest of the performance on a table like a foot away from me and the girl I was with! Oh did I mention I TOUCHED HIS HAND?! I TOUCHED HIS HAND GUYS! OMG! Like I about died! But while he was in the middle of the audience, he was singing completely alone. No mic. Only his vocal cords and a guitar. It was hilarious because he chugged like 3 beers within like 3 song but you know what? That's just how he is! OHMYGOSH. He played us a song he wrote within the past like 2 weeks. No one had ever heard it before. He made us put up our phones and cameras because he didn't want it to be leaked. (And I swear if anyone leaks the lyrics or a video I will find them and torture them for the rest of their life. . ok not really but I will let Ed know..somehow) He was just wow..it was breathtaking. I just want to go back so bad! I have many pics up on my Instagram, videos on my Vine, more pics on Facebook, and videos on YouTube! I'll link all of my accounts below so you can all check those out! I just..it was wonderful. The best concert I've ever been to in my entire life. Ever. Beating out One Direction, the other Ed Sheeran concert I've been to, and an All For The Hall where Keith Urban and Taylor Swift and many others performed. Just super memorable. We stood in line for like 2 hours. In the rain. And we looked so gross afterward. All sweaty and hyper, and gross. But it was worth it. I keep saying this but he was f l a w l e s s.  I cannot begin to describe. Well I'll link my stuff now and let y'all go about your business. Sorry this was super short from what I was planning to write, but my mom needs me to fold laundry -_-
Thanks beautiful,
Katie xx

Vine: Katie Friedmann


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