Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mega Haul P.3

Hello gorgeous! I have had a terrible day today. Finding out about Talia has put me in a terrible mood. (I was just watching her videos just last night!) So I decided some blogging might help and since I promised the final post to the 3 part haul I decided to fulfill that promise. So here ya go! This haul consists of purchases from: Francesca's, Pink Park, and a few magazines. Enjoy!

Pink Park:


So this was a gift from my mom's best friend Carla and I love it! It's one of those hair ties that can double as a fashion statement. Rather than just a piece of like rubber around you wrist, you wear one of these. I really like this one because of the bead in the center. It almost gives the hair tie/bracelet a bow effect!



Funny story. This was my first time going to Francesca's. Obviously I had to buy somethingI thought it was an adorable little store! It had great clothing and bags and knickknacks! You could tell it was quality, but it is a bit heavy on the wallet. Therefore I only bought this bracelet which was marked down from $22 to $12. Eh not to bad for an absolutely adorable and totally wearable bracelet.

Teen Vogue:


I know you all are most likely aware of the magazine Teen Vogue (or at least I hope you are) but I thought I'd showcase it in this haul in case of emergency and someone has not yet heard of this flawless mag. Well this is it. I had not yet picked up the issue until this little photoshoot I did with it, and I accidentally took a photo of this page which was an advertisement. Oops. At least you get the same gist. (And the article on Emma Watson was fab! I finished reading it yesterday!)
( Not sure why this pat of the post decided to be double spaced but it's time ffor my beauty rest, I'll fix it tomorrow! )


$3.99? Not sure. .

Seventeen is alot like Teen Vogue if you aren't familiar with it. . .at least you are now. It's fab! It have fashion, beauty, relationships, music, everything. I love it! I feel like it's a bit more of a teen lifestyle mag while TV focuses on the fashion aspect. But I like both equally. :) Go purchase it! Ahhh!


$4.99 I believe

Ok this mag looks beyond fab. It has such a unique vibe! I love it! I can't say too much about it considering I haven't read it yet, but from what I have seen it is extremely well put together. It has a completely different feel than Teen Vogue or Seventeen. It's more of a grunge/hippie/boho style magazine. I happen to like it! I'm going to be making a post all about this magazine once I get the chance to read it and pick my favorite articles! :) 
What were your favorites from my mega haul series? Feel free to comment below!

Thanks beautiful,
Katie xx

It takes me forever to get through my monthly subscriptions of magazines because I read every single article. It's insane, but I like to take everything in considering I am a hopeful fashion journalist anyway :) 
Love you all! Have a good night!

(Sorry this was posted a bit later than I had hoped for considering tonight was my ABC Family tv watching night! I mean come on! Who misses PLL and Twisted to blog? Not this girl!)


  1. lol did you see me in the asos ad in teen vogue??

    1. grace...you have GOT to tell me this stuff!

  2. i forgot haha i didn't think they were going to use it

    1. Ohh..dude..PLEASE text me. That was insane. I looked at that ad for like ever 2 days ago and went huh I bet it's fun to be in one if their ads text. me. omg. this is big.