Monday, July 15, 2013

Mega Haul P.2

Hello gorgeous! Well part one went up yesterday meaning part two is scheduled for today! Let's get on with this madness! Today's stores are: H&M, Sephora, and Aerie! Hope you all enjoy! ( Woah. .that was alot of exclamation marks. .) 


 This lovely dress is what I wore recently to the Ed Sheeran Star Party. It is the perfect dress. Perfect fit. Perfect color. And perfect price! Only $17! That put a smile on my face!

These shoes are flawless. They were on sale for seven bucks. The deals can't get much better than that! I've been wearing lots of neutrals lately and thought these would definitely spice up a boring outfit! They're super chic and shockingly comfortable!

Ok this dress is not justified in the picture. It's the prettiest blue I've seen in my entire life. My eyes are blur and this dress made them POP let me tell ya. It's adorable and a super flattering fit! The back had this little button that creates a small slit type cutout toward the neck. It is adorable! I wore it yesterday to church and oh my word I got so many compliments! (I paired it with the collar necklace from the last haul and the shoes above!)

This top was a grand total of four bucks. Four bucks. Not bad at all. My friend Mackenzie actually talked me into getting this top saying that it was "just to me not to buy" which I happen to agree 100% with. The silly sayings are all the rage this season according to this months issue of Teen Vogue. (Which is so perfect for me, like come on!) Also this material is to die for. It is sooooooo soft. Like I'm not exaggerating a bit!

Alright guys. That does it. I'm deeming H&M #1 in sale prices. This top is another one I got for a crazy the bargain price of, you guessed it, four bucks. I have got to do some OOTDs with these clothes! The camera just does them no justice! This top can be dressed up or down. It's a sheer-ish top with lace sleeves. I love it! And it's super comfy. That's a great big A+ in my book!


 You all know good and well that my favorite place to shop for our beloved lady purchases is Aerie. I actually did an underwear haul recently. But I went because they were still having their semi-annual sale and I found this bra. It has quite a but more padding than I've ever owned. Like alot more, and it's not even all that much. .anyway. .it was waaaayy to soft to not buy. I actually had to borrow a dollar from my friend because I had literally spent all of  the other money I owned on this shopping trip! But it's super adorable and soo amazingly soft! It's unbelievable!


 Sorry guys I am not about to wake up my mother to get my makeup out of her bathroom, she would kill me. Just kidding! But this is what I purchased! I've been wanting to expand my use of Benefit makeup because of some mascara that I purchased awhile back. This was a cute box and a great deal. A lot of bang for your buck as my mom said. I'd rather buy a set with smaller sizes of the products (that I have yet to try) for the same price as a full product, rather than buying the full product, only getting one product, and not liking it. That's just unfortunate. But I have tried all of this now due to this kit. I like everything but the Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation. It's a bit sheer for my liking. But I do enjoy all of the other products.

Well that's all for this haul! The third, and final instillation of this mini series will be posted tomorrow! Keep an eye out! If you have any questions about the products that I have purchased feel free to comment or tweet me. I'm always here to answer:) 

Thanks beautiful,
Katie xx

 Guys I am a sad person at the moment. I watched a documentary on Netflix about why some people are vegetarians and it was the saddest thing I've seen in my entire life. Like oh my gosh. I had no idea what factories, slaughterhouses, and some farms put animals through. It's not ok. So I have banned meat from my diet for the next month and if that goes well, the next, and the next, and then hopefully the next. I encourage you all to watch it. It's Vegucated on Netflix. It was just such an eye opener. It definitely makes you double think.

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