Friday, July 12, 2013

Kardashian Fashion

Hello gorgeous! Ok. I know I'm not alone in my Kardashian obsession. .or at least I hope I'm not. In my opinion Kourtney and Khloe are perfection. Yes I like Kim, but she's not my favorite Kardashian. Kourt and Khloe are just waaayy too cute! They are the reason for me watching the show! But their fashion statements? Oh my word. Do NOT get me started. I use the word perfection quite a bit, but their style is above all else in my book. They have like the perfect sister relationship! Look at that picture to the left! Aren't they presh?! It makes me laugh so hard omg. Khloe looks like Kourt's bodyguard! Anywho, back to their fashion statements, look at Kourt. She's rocking my favorite look: Boyfriend Jeans paired with heels!!! And Khloe? Look at those fab shoes!! Like how are they so fashionable at all times? It's not humanly possible. Here are a few more looks I deemed worth seeing:

 A close up on Kourtney's outfit in the previous picture. That bag. Do not get me started on the bag. It is amazing. Flawless. I love that chambray top, ahhh! Mm Kourt. Rockin those shades. Nude pumps are my fav.

Hey it's my bag again! Ahhh it needs to be in my possession. Can I talk about Khloe's hair? I love this color. .or colors rather. It compliments her skin tone so well! And to top it off, she looks amazing in white. Not all people can pull off an all white look. Well done Khloe!

Aww she looks so pretty! Rocking the bangs! Flowy cream top + printed pencil shop = You guessed it, perfection.

Cha-Cha-Chanel! My favorite!! Need that tee! And her lip color is gorg.

Wow. All I can say is wow. Kourtney looks flawless. Nough said

Ok. They're rocking these head wrap/bandanna/turban mahgiggers. I like them!! Khloe looks chill in these cutoffs and white tee. Kourt looks fab as always as well. Loving the striped hat.

These girls make clear fashion statements from rocking head-to-toe white to wearing a printed pencil skirt. I love every one of these looks and thought sharing them would inspire you all as much as they did me.

Thanks beautiful,
Katie xx 

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