Tuesday, July 30, 2013

July Favorites!

Hello gorgeous! I cannot believe it's almost August. Like what? Where has the summer gone?! Since it is the end of July this post is dedicated to those shoes I have obsessed over, the movie I sing along to constantly, the face wash that really works, and much much more. Enjoy!

1. Favorite skincare product: Murad Acne Complex 30 Day Kit
It's not secret that I break out. It's quite constant, although recently I have found a solution: Murad. I fell in love with this product when the sales lady at Sephora suggested I take a sample home. It made drastic changes in how my skin felt in a very short time frame. Aka 4 days! I'm sure you'd all love it just as I do! The 30 day supply is $30 and the 60 day is $60. 

2. Makeup item: Revlon Photoready BB Cream
I have been using this for the past 4ish months and love love love it. It had great coverage for a bb cream as well as SPF! (Thank you Revlon for a product that helps both of my problems!) A perk? It's not expensive!

3. Model who really isn't a model: Lily Collins 
I feel as though she has amazing model potential! She's perfection like have you seen her eyebrows?! Woah. *And are you guys as excited for City Of Bones as I am?! AHHH!! 

4. Clothing item: Boy Crush top from H&M
This top is adorable and made of the softest material known to man to me. It's FAB. With a capital FAB.

5. Shoe obsession: Madden Girl Oxfords 
I have worn these once and have already lost count on how many compliments I have received. They are super cute and not to mention comfy! The perk? Only $14 at  Ross!! Check out your local Ross and pick up a pair so we can be twinsies!

Says it all!!

Aren't they adorable?!

Madden Girl

6. Actress: Anne Hathaway in Devil Wears Prada
This movie is perfect in every way. Se portrays the perfect Andy. I just cannot explain how much love I have for this role. It's astonishing! Definitely the best in my opinion.

6. Movie: Teen Beach Movie
Ok guys. Don't judge. Teen beach movie is a great movie!! I was hesitant to watch, but it definitely went above and beyond my expectations. Ross Lynch did amazing and the character Tanner played by Garrett (a/n find last name) phew. He. Was. Smokin. Let me tell ya. Just watch it! The songs are waaaayy too catchy for my well being, but that's what makes it worth watching!

 6.5 Movie: Despicable Me 2
Guys. I did not think DM2 would be nearly as good as the first, but boy was I shown wrong. This movie is hilarious! Omg! I want a minion sooo bad! :o 

7.  TV show: Twisted
If you don't watch this, you have got to be out into a mental institution because you are crazy. Just like Danny! Ahh Avan I love you. Mwah. Not only does it have him in it (that's definitely a perk trust me) but it has an unbelievable story line! It's insane!! I cannot stop watching it! Dare I say. .it's almost better than Pretty Little Liars. 

Also I started watching Doctor Who today and omg hello Matt Smith. It's fab. Go watch it on netflix! I started on season 5 because they have soo many episodes. If you're a Whovian don't hate! I'll back track once I catch up!

This song is my jam. The jelly to the jam. This is it all. It's perf. Listen now. I command you. Ahhhh my fav part? Can I say the whole thing? 

"I joined the club and its all on. There are fights for being my best friend and the girls get their claws out. There's something about hanging with the wicked kids. Take the pill make it too ill  the other day I forgot my old address. I'm sitting pretty on the throne, there's nothing more I want except to be alone" 

9. Jewelry item: UO gold bracelet
This bracelet is sooo cute! It's extremely delicate and tiny. I love the design or cutout type wiring in the front! I got it on sale for like five bucks this past February and wear it constantly! Score!

10. Store: H&M
Like always. It's almost sad how much I love that store. It's honestly obsessive. Like Sunday I wore 2 outfits that were completely H&M. All of it. Ahh I love that place!

11. YouTube: Stilababe09
Meredith Foster. Aka perfection in human form. She is flawless on every single way. Oh you don't believe me? GO WATCH HER VIDS AHH SHE MAKES ME WANT TO CRY! No not really. She always puts a smile on my face:) a perk? She is a 1D obsesser as well! Ahh!  
12. Book: The Fault In Our Stars by John Green
Um. Do I even have to explain myself? John Green is a flawless writer. I cried sooo hard oh my word. The tear stains on those pages. But definitely worth the emotions spent while reading! It's lovely! You'll read it okay. Okay.
And guys guys guys. The MOVIE is coming out!!!
13. App: A Beautiful Mess
A photo app that I have used soo many times for my Instagram doings. Definitely worth the 99 cents! 
Thanks beautiful,
Katie xx


  1. lol if you like matt smith now just wait... also i do not suggest watching his other films b/c let me jst say... what is seen cannot be unseen O_o