Saturday, July 27, 2013

I'm Back From Kings Island!

Hello gorgeous! I'm going to start off by saying that omg that was so much fun!!! The rides were fab (as always) and being with everyone was just a blast! But on the other hand, I am drained. Who knew walking around an amusement park in the blazing hot sun would cause exhaustion (insert sarcasm here). So here's how it went down:


To begin, we rented a mini van. Now I have never owned a mini van or seen one as cool as this. It was awesome. It was crazy. Sooo roomy and so many outlets to charge your phone! It was great! It had a dvd player and everything and oooh it was nice for a 5+ our trip. Kenzie arrived at my house about 1:40 and we packed up the mini van hopped in and went to Walmart to pick up Lexi. By the time everyone was in the mini van, there was not much room at all considering all 7 seats were occupied by either me, my mom, my dad, Evan(my brother) , Jacob (my cousin), Lexi (my brother's friend), or Kenzie ( my friend). Although we were limited on elbow room, we had a blast singing along to High School Musical for 5 hours straight. Over and over again. It was so fun. We stopped at Chic Fil A for supper once we were up in Ohio about 2 exits from our hotel. To my luck, right next door was a JCPenny containing none other than (you guessed it) a Sephora. Which was amazing because I was out of a sample they provided me of a Murad acne treatment set while I was there about a week or so ago. We picked up the full set and hit the road once again. We arrived to our hotel and to much of mine and Kenzie's luck found a very attractive guy. Yes. He was super attractive. No we did not talk to him. And much to our despair, we did not run into him again. That about covers it for this day. OH not to mention all 7 of us had to cram into a 2 bed small hotel room. Yeah..don't try that. Ever. We had 2 air mattresses on the very limited floor space but that didn't help all that much.


Yay! Park time! We all woke up about 7:30 and ate the breakfast provided by our hotel at about 8. Which I'm just going to throw out there was not very tasty..or edible. . .I guess that's what you get for free. We got to Kings Island at 10 which is when it opens and stayed until 10 when it closed! Sooooo much fun! It was amazing!  But being on your feet for 12 hours straight in the blazing sun was a bit on the painful side. Definitely worth it, but painful. We rode lots of rollercoasters and some spinning rides as well. The Beast is always my favorite! It's wooden and pretty high..which isn't usually my forte, but it's a great ride! I only sat out on one rollercoaster during this day: The Vortex. Which is the same one I didn't do last time I came about 3 years ago. Hmm. That's ok. Me and Kenzie both skipped out on that one. We got all the way through the line and just crossed over through the exit while the people who rode before us were exiting the ride. It was hilarious. Oh wow. Making memories. OH MY WORD ok so this is amazing. And hilarious. Ok so me, Kenz, Evan, and Lexi were waiting to ride the Rugrat which is a rollercoaster in the kids part of the park (don't judge. It's the best ride ever) And the line was huge and not moving an inch. After waiting about 10 minutes people slowly start to turn around and leave. I'm sitting there like "yay people are leaving we get to ride quicker!" Yeah. No that didn't happen. A kid came through and was telling everyone it was shut down for the rest of the day and boooy was I mad at that! That's like a tradition to ride every time we go!  I was like: 

But before that happened:: a really really cute guy was trying to get through to back out of the line and Lexi had no idea that he was trying to get around her and she was just standing there talking and laughing and ahh it was hilarious. He was wearing like a really bright neon green/yellow shirt and we had some serious eye contact like omg. But I reached out after like 30 seconds and was like  "Lexi! They're trying to get through!" And he just kinda laughed and omg still had eye contact and that smirk like ahhhh. That was amazing. 
This was me in that moment. ^

 And we lost track of him and his other friend in a hot pink shirt. Like wow they were so cute, but I would have to obviously pick the green shirt *wink wink*

About an hour later (9 pm) me,mom,Evan,Lexi, and Kenzie were waiting for dad and Jacob by another of my favorite rides: The Racer. It's soo much fun! Ahhh! And guess who we see? YOU GUESSED IT! The 2 guys. They're headed into the line for the Racer just as Jacob and dad arrive. I grab Kenzie's arm and half drag half pull her to her feet. We get like 4 people behind them in line with the rest of our group tagging along. The Racer has two trains: one red and one blue. The two boys got three seats from the back on the red, and we got like two seats form the back on the back on the blue. A cool thing about this ride is the fact that there are two tracks (one for the red and one for the blue) and halfway through the ride, you split into two opposite directions. You're literally racing the other cart and it gets super competitive. It was amazing. It worked out perfectly because before the two tracks split into the different directions, we were riding right next to the two boys. And we were all looking and shouting at each other. All competitive like. It was amazing. And for some reason a huge adrenaline rush. And yes, if you were wondering, we beat them. Blue won! :D 
But s downside: we lost them after that because we rode before the rest of our group. Boo. 


Today we slept in until 9 rather than eating the provided food, since we missed breakfast, we went on down to iHOP. after packing up the hotel room.  Getting to the park about 12. We, again, split into two groups. Mom, Evan, Kenzie, and Lexi went to ride the Diamondback while me, dad, and Jacob decided to sit out on this ride. It's the highest the have at the park and the seats are like crazy. I knew I couldn't handle that. But after they rode it, we all went over to water park and rode some water rides. After spending all day in the water park, we bought our souvenirs and rode two more rides and headed out. We were all exhausted and we still had to drive the 5 hour drive back home. Dreadful. On the way back we watched Scooby Doo 1 & 2. (The real people one with Freddie Prinze Jr) and all of us slept. Well other than dad and Jacob. 
 Aaaand we got back home at 2 in the morning. 

In the end, we all had alot of fun!! We rode so many rides and learned so much dialogue to High School Musical that it's almost humorous. We had a great time! 

Thanks beautiful,
Katie xx

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