Monday, July 8, 2013

Ed Sheeran Concert

Hello gorgeous!  O.m.g. The Ed Sheeran concert at the Hard Rock Cafe is tonight. I am hyperventilating with excitement. The whole concert is only 200 people. That means up close and personal with the one and only ED SHEERAN!! (Now if you don't know who Ed Sheeran is, you must not only live under a rock, but on another planet. Here's a link to the beautiful angel in action.) I've seen him once before at the Louisville Palace earlier this year and was nearly in tears when he stepped on stage. Ok I'm getting off topic..again..but one last thing about that concert from earlier this year: He made us all sit down and be completely quiet (you may think this is odd considering it's a concert..well it wasn't, trust me.) He then proceeded to step away from the mic and sing straight into the audience. Without a mic. It was magical. Woah I have chills just thinking about it. Definitely memorable! BUT anyway..back on topic..It's standing room only so I have no idea what to wear. Like obviously that doesn't limit my choices as to what I'm wearing..other than shoe wise. I want to wear wedges but I'm not sure if they're going to be comfy enough..I would like your opinions on that in the comments below. I have no idea what to wear!! I have some printed pants from H&M that I haven't worn yet and I might pair those with a simple tank and oversized cardigan. Yeah. That sounds good! I'll probably post a 'What I Wore' post tomorrow including my experience at the concert. Well that's enough for now, I've got lots of pre-concert prepping to do. Wish me luck!

Thanks beautiful,
Katie xx

yeah I am

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  1. dont do wedges.... baaad idea